Redeemable preference shares (“RPS”) are a type of preference shares that are issued on terms that they may be redeemed in the future at the company’s option or subject to the terms of issue. It is considered to a hybrid of debt and equity depending on its exact terms, and can be issued for short term access to capital from investors. The issuance of RPS must be authorised by the articles of the company and the redemption can be effected only on the terms and in such manner as provided by the articles. The redemption must come from:

  • The available profits of the company which would otherwise have been available for distribution of dividends; or
  • Proceeds of a new issue of shares made for the purposes of redemption
  • A premium may also be payable to the RPS holder upon redemption, which must be paid out of the company’s profits or share premium account

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This Private Placement Memorandum has been deposited with the Securities Commission Malaysia pursuant To Section 229 and Section 230 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007



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